The 10 best hotels in Venice , Italy | 2021


Venice was once a thriving town with complete influence over Mediterranean sea trade, founded on 118 islands of the Venetian Lagoon, and armed by an impressive naval army. Today, this UNESCO-categorized harbor, which accounts for 50 thousand visitors per day, receives much of its revenue from tourism.

Venice’s gondolas, canals, and traditional architecture are popular. While cable cars continue to run along the city’s waterways, vaporetti – water busses are now the best mode of transport to get from one location to the next one. The easiest way to take tour in Venice – the Rialtine Islands – is to walk. Pleasant walks down Venice’s twisting alleys are an invaluable traveling experience. As authentic a view of Venice as any guided tour with several hours lost on the rear streets.

The architecture of Venice ranges from the Byzantine to the Baroque XVII centuries and covers many siècles. The biggest building in the region is the massive St. Mark’s Basilica on St. Mark’s Square. The nearby Gothic Doge’s Palace is also a tourist destination, linked by the popular Sighs Bridge to the prison next door.

Lido – Venice’s sandy getaway is beyond the Rialtine Islands. Lido is a small sand bar, a short Vaporetto ride away from St. Mark’s Square, on one side of the island’s exclusive beachfront for hotels and public beaches on either end. Lido is the site of the Venice Film Festival, where many visitors center themselves while their tour takes place, to get away from the crowds of the inner islands.

Venice’s Best Hotel

It really pays to be sure what you want when booking a Room in this labyrinthine warren in the area. A cluster of traditional Venice hotels in the Square St. Mark, the west along the Grand Canal, and the east on the Schiavoni Riva. Roughly in the city, from backpackers to intimate B&Bs to four-star and owners’ rentals, you’ll find everything from backpacker hostels. Anything from a dazzling Grand Canal view, to an uncomfortable squint, down to a mosquito-infested backwater can be extra expensive. Indoor space can be much quieter than a room with a busy view—so long as not a dead wall.

Here are the best Venice hotels

Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel

  1. Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel

In a tribute to Art Deco, Ca’ Pisani, with its exquisite parts from the past, offers an elegant deviation from the Venetian tradition for lustrous. In 2000, when it became the first built hotel in the region, the 29-room hotel broke the conventional trend. Ca’ Pisani is magnificently built and preserved with dark polished wood, many mirrors, and some beautiful original Art Deco pieces. The rooms differ significantly; family rooms and a junior suite are also available.


Oltre il Giardino-venice

  1. Oltre il Giardino

You will be surprised when you have found the portal to this six-room luxury hotel next to the Frari basilica. Rather of a country house than a town hostal, the windows and doors that are open into the magnificent plot of luxuriant scenery contrast a great deal with the so-called modern outdoors of Venice. The main house has six choices: doubles, junior suites, and suites. Colors are neutral in these chic, wall-back spaces, sometimes with a sparkle. The hotel area is not heavy, but there are lots of restaurants and pubs, both the train station and the key sights can be visited.

Corte di Gabriela

  1. Corte di Gabriela

A boutique hotel, Corte Di Gabriela is injecting modern pizzazz into a palace of the XIX century, with furniture objects, industrial-chic fabrics, and wonderfully painted colors. But without a needless attitude, this is style: the atmosphere is cool, grown-up, and polite. And breakfast is just great; in reality, for many returning visitors, it is a true attraction. The workers can make you feel right at home, and make you feel relaxed in hotels, water taxis, and tours. With its smart Paola Navone–designed chairs, antique marble wellhead, and welcoming shade from a very ancient, very big wisteria rose, this is a great spot for peaceful contemplation. Upstairs is a convenient reading space with a grand piano boy. And a sweet twist is luxurious chocolates.

Hotel Londra Palace

  1. Hotel Londra Palace

In Hotel Londra Palace, at the Riva Degli Schiavoni, immense windows overlook the watery size of the Venetian lagoon in several of the 52 rooms. Since 1853, the hotel has welcomed its visitors under a succession of names. In 1877 Tchaikov, when surveying the river in San Giorgio Maggiore, composed his fourth symphony. The property is now a member of the Relais & Chateaux Association, part of a small Italian hospitality community. When you are looking for a Venetian classic, Hotel Londra Palace is perfect; plus, it has a price tag lower than many of the other top hotels in the area.


Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast

  1. Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast

You’ll grasp the spirit of Cima Rosa as you carry your luggage through the courtyard of Santa Croce Palazzo in the 15th century: antique roses scrape the brick walls and marble gravures of the period are scrubbed with fragrant faux jasmine. Indoor, the colors seen in front windows overlooking the Grand Canal reflect the elegant pastel palette. The image is completed by five rooms, tailored service, and outstanding luxury. This is a grown-up place for people who love and know Venice well enough.


Belmond Hotel Cipriani

  1. Belmond Hotel Cipriani

The spaces of Belmond Hotel Cipriani are complementary to the intimacy of other area hotels, where each large room provides a view of the garden or the sea. Many who chose to sleep in an annex situated within the palace on the island of Giudecca, which was at least four centuries old. It exudes an air of dolce vita-style glamor from its prime location on the east tip of the island.

If you’re pulling straight from the private pier, or you get on the Piazza San Marco hotel lunch for a trip around the lagoon, the super-attention, controlled greenery, and elegant atmosphere blend into a world of pampering. A sumptuous Salon, kid sports, culinary courses, custom-made tours and boat journeys, beautiful parks, painting workshops, tennis courts, and more are a staggering list of amenities and services: central Venice only – and an Olympic pool –.

Novecento Boutique Hotel

  1. Novecento Boutique Hotel

Novecento, a stunning tiny boutique hotel, has a comfortable atmosphere. It is quite and warm also makes you feel very freely, like you are in some big mysteries, at no distance from the busy main avenue that leads to Piazza San Marco. You won’t mind even the smaller rooms with a lovely mix of foreign furnishings, warm earthy colors, lush textiles, soft lighting, and an overall cocoon-like atmosphere. This is a special spot that gives you the feeling of investing your money well.


The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel

  1. The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Neither does this classic Grand Canal in a city with such a concentration of luxury hotels. Although the palazzo from the 15th century, now part of the Luxury Portfolio, is open to visitors since 1895, a 15-month refurbishment of 200 million dollars in 2013 made sure that it was not a creaky museum item. But this is the sheer grace of the place which makes it so attractive. (The most modern extras are cleverly hidden.) Of course, all is unforgettable, rich rubella and indispensable art; yet this silky cocoon can also be totally affable.

The workers serving the Martiny trolley drinks to Chef Daniele Turco who makes castrator wonder – the Veneto special baby artichoke – make no problem at all. A restaurant in the spa? A rotation of the boat Riva Aquariva? A full immersion in a culinary school’s local food? Just if you are able to keep your eyes beyond this watery spectacle: this is one of the most majestic and delicate hotels in the globe.


JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

  1. JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa.

Racing in a water taxi across the lagoon and pull up at the dock on Isola Delle Rose, in JW Marriott Venezia’s private island, and you may feel like you were in a Bond movie. This resort offers 266 rooms and suites, a large and dynamic network. The main hotel building has modern amenities, free child-friendly quiet areas, perfectly sleek suites with swimming pools and private gardens, as well as a villa with a private pool that can host up to seven guests. This is the best spot, if you are looking for a modern style far from crowds.

Ca Maria Adele venezia

  1. Ca Maria Adele

As we enter the luxurious reception room of Ca Maria Adele, your bag is whisked away and replaced with a glass of cool and bubble before you check-in. This magnificent boutique hotel, which is small but ideally shaped, is situated near the Church of Salute. In one of the 5 model suites, the scarlet Sala del Doge or the elegant, dark Sala Noire, you can go to baroque. Yet Deluxe gold-flavored rooms share a common level of luxury, including broad marble bathrooms, soft towels, and winter goose-down bedding. In Dorsoduro, Venice’s artsiest district, Ca Maria Adele is next to the Guggenheim and the contemporary works of the Punta Della Dugan.


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